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Cristiane Namiuti's São Paulo — San Francisco Blog.

Cristiane Namiuti is a marketing and advertising professional, who has worked with companies like Unilever and Bare Escentuals. Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, she moved to the United States at the end of 2007 and has happily relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cristiane Namiuti in San FranciscoWhen Cristiane Namiuti first moved to the United States seven years ago, it was a big change. Not only would she be almost 6,500 miles from most of her family, but also she would be moving to a new country with a language and culture quite different from her own. One of the biggest differences she’s noticed is that while Brazilians are very warm and friendly, her new American neighbors are a bit more formal. Nevertheless, she loves her new home, the San Francisco Bay Area.

Cristiane can easily identify a number of aspects she enjoys when it comes to San Francisco and the Bay Area:

  • Eclecticism – The Bay Area is home to all types of people. There are business people, technology professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, tons of art embedded in most cities, and a vibrancy that’s hard to match.
  • Diversity – San Francisco is one of the most diverse cities in the U.S.A., with nearly 40% of its residents having been born overseas. The different cultures leave their impact everywhere: in art, food, and the languages you hear just walking down the street.
  • Energy – The Bay Area has an energy all to its own. As one of the foremost innovative cities in the technology space, there’s both an entrepreneurial energy as well as an artistic energy that makes this region so dynamic.
  • Weather – Last but not least, the weather is beautiful in the Bay Area. Many days can be spent trekking to the Golden Gate Bridge and taking in the pristine sights. Plus, there are dozens of easily accessible destinations to enjoy, from the Redwood Forests to Lake Tahoe and more.

Cristiane has fully enjoyed being in the Bay Area and experiencing all it has to offer. She hopes to use this blog to capture and share her experience of living in the Bay Area.